Who We Are.  What we do.

Full service integrator of technology products and services.

Sabrin Group Inc. empowers customers to maximize productivity,
efficiency, and cost savings through the best people, practices, and
knowledge in the technology industry. We accomplish this by providing
access to world-class IT products and services, top level manufacturer
certifications, flexible lease financing, software and patented business
processes. Through this comprehensive offering, Sabrin Group Inc.
delivers  the choices, tools, and value for organizations to optimize their
IT infrastructure and supply chain processes.

What Sets Us Apart
Sabrin Group Inc. rises above the competition by the breadth of our
offering and expertise. Not only can we help our customers build and
maintain any aspect of their IT infrastructure, we can help them finance
it and enhance their productivity and efficiency through business
process solutions and supply chain software.

Premier Technology Reseller
Sabrin Group Inc.  values the importance of our long-standing
partnerships with top manufacturers. We hold the highest level
certifications across the board, have access to the greatest levels of
discounts, and employ an expert-level engineering team to implement
the latest technologies. This breadth and depth of our offering is what
differentiates us in the marketplace.
Our partnerships represent Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Microsoft,
Symantec, IBM, Sun and Lenovo. This strategy enables us to provide
integrated delivery solutions in the most critical technologies for our
customers. We are also partnered with many other industry leading
manufacturers such as F5, APC, Apple, Citrix, Dell, Emerson, Kingston,
Lexmark, OKI and Xerox.
Strengthened by these alliances, we have the technical knowledge and
resources to design, source (either electronically or through dedicated
account staff), configure, implement, and support all of our customers’
IT needs. Our team of more than 100 certified engineers is proficient in
leading technologies, including:
•        Unified Communications
•        Data Center
•        Server Consolidation
•        Virtualization
•        Security
•        Storage
•        Exchange
•        Networking
•        Wireless Networks
•        Professional and Managed Services
Once our customers are ready to purchase equipment or services,
Sabrin Group Inc.  is a single source for complete IT asset acquisition
and financing. We deliver the flexibility to gain immediate use of
products while conserving bank and credit lines. We automate the
entire lease process, reducing paperwork and approval time while
providing customized end-of-lease options. In addition to IT leasing, we
offer commercial, federal, and municipal leasing; financial services;
and lease process automation and contract management.
Sabrin Group Inc.